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Breezeshooters club started in 1950s to promote use of the 10 meter band (28-29mhz)

The hamfest started in North Park, then West View Park, then White Swan Park, then moved to Butler Farm Show Grounds (Rt 68), and is currently now a 2 day hamfest at Big Butler Fair Grounds (Rt 422).

The net is every Monday night at 9pm (28.480mhz) and usually brings in 60-80 checkins.

Remember the when Fire Department was called regarding the White Swan Park Dumpster?
How many locations have hosted the Breeze Shooters Hamfest?
The parking lot was filled with cars that had 96” Stainless Steel whips and that big Spring.
In the seventies, there wasn’t a CB to be found in the Flea market.   All were being converted to 29.000 Mhz  and 29.360Mhz AM, crystal controlled.
from ag3u then ka3pnz:
My daughter went to the Hamfest just to ride the Mad Mouse at White Swan Park.My stepson was there for the Intellivision and Atari Game Cartridges.I won my MFJ 1278 TNC at the Hamfest, possibly was 6th prize in 1988. Also may have been the year I sold my HW-7 while tailgating.
from wc3o:
It came out of the clear blue in the late 70s. There I was, at the Saint Raphael Church bazaar in Morningside. I had purchased a few strip tickets, you know, those little tickets you peel back the flaps to see if you won some dollar amount. I never really expected to actually win anything, but there it was. (more)
from Bob Spak, WC3P:
          I was playing in bands throughout the 80’s and didn’t pay much attention to ham radio. My buddy Bill, now WB3K, invited me and my gal to attend what was to be the last show at White Swamp, 1988. It was, I think, the first year for hourly ht giveaways. We were browsing along and they both got excited, telling me they’d heard my name mentioned. Sure enough, I’d won an ht! That thing changed my life. It got me back on 2m, which got me back on hf, which got me to upgrade, which kept me going to hamfests, where I met Lissa!

Thanks, guys and gals.

This is not a hobby, it’s a way of life.

Polka Bob
from the Secretary’s records of 1989
1989 Hamfest Flyer