AB1A Antenna Chart

Below is chart showing the 1/2 wave dipole approximate lengths based on MHZ frequency to be resonate. Its little hard to read, still you can see the relative length in scale with the different amateur bands.

IF you want a digital PDF copy of the chart . . . . . . .

Under the strict condition its limited ONLY for  your personal use and not to be shared without my permission or consent.   

Cost ?its FREE with QSL card from you with a request for chart

Please send me ( AB1A ) a QSL Card with your email address, IF you want a returned QSL card send a self-addressed stamped envelope

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The PDF you will received by email is formatted for 24″x36″ paper. If you know anyone with a large format plotter or a local print shop such as office max, kinko’s etc they could print a full size 24″x36″ paper copy that would be to scale. 

 Especially Note the 160 and 80 meters band. Look at the difference in several feet of wire length between the lower and upper bands (13ft & 8.3ft).  This is why you can’t a cut a dipole and be resonant through the entire length of these bands. When you compare difference of 16″ with 40 meters and 5″ on 20 meters its not such a radical SWR readings.

Click here for the antenna chart