2020 WSPR Contest Results

We had about 18 guys on in the middle of it and 11 sent logs in. The unique spot results are posted below. If I missed anything, please let me know. Thanks everyone for trying out WSPR and it was neat to see all these local stations on at once. Usually even when the band is open, there are only one or two other local stations on there.

K3KSB 13 spots
AC3DB EN90xu 36km
KB3YLP FN00bp 25km
KC3LGT EN90wq 43km
WU3U FN00bg 59km
KD3XM FN00is 28km
K2PMD FN00bk 43km
K3SQA EN91ta 69km
N3YJN FN00bp 25km
WE3L FN00bl 39km
N3WH FN00cv 20km
KB3UWC FN00ch 53km
K3MI EN90xg 66km
K3RWN FN00aj 50km

N3WH 13 spots
KD3XM FN00is 44km
W8AC EN91jm 137km
WU3U FN00bg 70km
K3KSB FN00es 20km
N3YJN FN00bp 29km
KB3UWC FN00ch 65km
KC3LGT EN90wq 36km
K3RWN FN00aj 57km
K2PMD FN00bk 51km
KB3YLP FN00bp 29km
WE3L FN00bl 47km
K3SQA EN91ta 51km
AC3DB EN90xu 22km

KC3LGT 12 spots
N3YJN FN00bp 22km
KB3YLP FN00bp 22km
WE3L FN00bl 31km
AC3DB EN90xu 20km
W8AC EN91jm 130km
K2PMD FN00bk 35km
KB3UWC FN00ch 50km
N3WH FN00cv 36km
WU3U FN00bg 51km
K3SQA EN91ta 43km
K3KSB FN00es 43km
K3RWN FN00aj 35km

K2PMD 11 spots
WE3L FN00bl 5km
K3RWN FN00aj 8km
KB3UWC FN00ch 16km
WU3U FN00bg 19km
K3MI EN90xg 23km
KB3YLP FN00bp 23km
N3YJN FN00bp 23km
KC3LGT EN90wq 35km
K3KSB FN00es 43km
AC3DB EN90xu 48km
N3WH FN00cv 51km

KB3YLP 11 spots
K3KSB FN00es 25km
N3YJN FN00bp 0km
K2PMD FN00bk 23km
KB3UWC FN00ch 38km
AC3DB EN90xu 27km
WU3U FN00bg 42km
WE3L FN00bl 19km
N3WH FN00cv 29km
K3RWN FN00aj 29km
KC3LGT EN90wq 22km
K3MI EN90xg 44km

WU3U 11 spots
N3WH FN00cv 70km
K3KSB FN00es 59km
K3RWN FN00aj 16km
K2PMD FN00bk 19km
KB3UWC FN00ch 8km
KB3YLP FN00bp 42km
K3MI EN90xg 14km
WE3L FN00bl 23km
N3YJN FN00bp 42km
KC3LGT EN90wq 51km
AC3DB EN90xu 66km

K3RWN 10 spots
K2PMD FN00bk 8km
KB3UWC FN00ch 17km
AC3DB EN90xu 51km
WE3L FN00bl 12km
N3WH FN00cv 57km
K3MI EN90xg 16km
WU3U FN00bg 16km
N3YJN FN00bp 29km
KB3YLP FN00bp 29km
K3KSB FN00es 50km

K3MI 9 Spots
K2PMD FN00bk 23km
KB3UWC FN00ch 22km
WE3L FN00bl 27km
N3YJN FN00bp 44km
WU3U FN00bg 14km
AC3DB EN90xu 65km
K3KSB FN00es 66km
KC3LGT EN90wq 47km
K3RWN FN00aj 16km

K3PQ 8 spots
WE3L FN00bl 22km
N3YJN FN00bp 25km
AC3DB EN90xu 38km
KC3LGT EN90wq 19km
K3KSB FN00es 51km
KB3YLP FN00bp 25km
KB3UWC FN00ch 37km
N3WH FN00cv 50km

KC3LMP 6 spots
AC3DB EN90xu 25km
N3WH FN00cv 43km
KC3LGT EN90wq 35km
K3KSB FN00es 61km
K3SQA EN91ta 8km
W8AC EN91jm 97km

K3SQA 5 spots
AC3DB EN90xu 34km
KC3LGT EN90wq 43km
N3WH FN00cv 51km
K3KSB FN00es 69km
W8AC EN91jm 89km

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